As a Liberal Arts university that combines internationalization and localization, UIC has formed a unique tradition of integrating Chinese and Western cultures through 15 years of practice. Among all kinds of ceremonial activities, High Table Dinner, Appreciation Ceremony and Coming-to-age Ceremony, which follow the traditional Chinese and western cultures, while witnessing the development of UIC teacher-student relationship. On the evening of 22 October, the 7th UIC Appreciation Ceremony, hosted by the Whole Person Education Office and Yuzhen Jinsheng Yayue Orchestra, was held in the Performance Theatre.


The Yayue Orchestra officially started the ceremony by performing a musical piece. Before serving the tea, teachers tidied up the clothes for students. In ancient times, students were required to prepare six kinds of gifts as a reward for their teachers, and today, students show their respect for teachers with tea instead.

The first sever of tea symbolized the joy of learning on the hard way to knowledge, with the second one showing the respect of students and their will to self-cultivation. The third server was representing the valuable spirits of teachers devoting themselves in imparting instructs and dispelling doubts. Later, all the students read the excerpt of 'Da Xue' (namely The Great Learning, an important work discussing educational theory in ancient China) in unison under the lead of senior students, always bearing in mind the instruction of being integrated, sincere, educated and knowledgeable.


Students pay respects to their teachers with tea


All the students read aloud excerpts from 'Da Xue'



Students playing Yayue

Vice President (Research and Development) of UIC Prof Jia Weijia gave a speech. In that speech, he said that during the development of UIC, the blending of Chinese and Western cultures, the balance, mutual respect between teachers and students have always been given great attention.

The UIC Appreciation Ceremony is the return and inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture. He also hoped that the entire student community could uphold the conventional virtues of respecting teachers, honouring parents and caring for others. At the same time, adhere to their beliefs, and strive to achieve self-cultivation and self-development.


Prof Jia mentions that Liberal Arts Education emphasizes mutual respect between teachers and students

Later, teachers presented the students with longan, celery and onion in return. In the sound of Qing and drum, students saluted to teachers, teachers stepped down from the stage, and the ceremony came to its completion.



Teachers presented students with gifts in return

Director of the Whole Person Education Office Prof Guo Haipeng said that teachers inspire students' wisdom and moral development. They impart knowledge, dispel doubts, set examples for students, and care for them. Meanwhile, respecting teachers and valuing learning are the basic requirements for students. Thus, the two needs to respect and care for each other. Moreover, he described teachers and students as fish, while the big fish lead and the small ones follow; however, after a certain period, the small fish will learn how to swim naturally. In the modern society with a strong commercial atmosphere, holding a ceremony of respecting teachers is beneficial for cultivating a healthy and progressive relationship between teachers and students, and educate students to be grateful, instead of taking everything for granted.


Yang Zheng (left) officiates at the ceremony

Yang Zheng, a senior majoring in Accounting, is the host of this ceremony. He believed that this ceremony could, to the full extend, polish students' etiquette, arouse the awareness of respecting teachers and valuing education, and deepen the understanding of excellent traditional culture.

In UIC, Yang Zheng received a lot of care from teachers, and he has developed a deep affinity with those teachers. He also mentioned that even if it is an elective course, the teacher would be willing to have a long talk with him, discussing his study and future development.


The ideal teacher-student relationship lies in having balance 

Zhou Nianyu, a year-2 student, majoring in Accounting, believed that the modern ideal teacher-student relationship is to seek the right balance between affinity and respect. While respecting teachers, she can get along with teachers like friends, and she truly experienced this close relationship in UIC. This kind of connection not only stays in daily greetings but also appears in some details, such as getting in-time email reply and tips on personal growth from teachers. She said that those bits in her communication with UIC teachers would be her unforgettable memories.

The following guests also attended the ceremony: Associate Vice President (Student Development) of UIC, Prof Stella Cho; Associate Vice President (Internationalization) and Dean of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof Adrian Bailey; UIC Registrar Prof Li Jianhui; Dean of Division of Business and Management, Prof Liu Wenbin; Dean of Division of Culture and Creativity, Prof Holger Briel; Associate Dean of Division of Science and Technology, Prof Lei Bo, and Deputy Secretary of the CPC UIC Committee, Ms Wang Hong.


Photo of guests attending the ceremony


Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Xia Meng