At noon on 27 October, ten student representatives, from first-year students to seniors in different majors, were invited to have lunch with the President of UIC, Prof Tang Tao; Provost, Prof Chen Zhi; Vice President (Administration), Prof Mao Yaqing; and Associate Vice President (Student Development), Prof Stella Cho. Teachers and students communicated around students' college life and their concerns.


President Tang Tao explained that students' studies and college lives are always profoundly concerned, and suggestions, as well as opinions from students on all aspects of college development, are openly welcomed. In the future, students will be encouraged to actively participate in the development of UIC by holding regular luncheons with student representatives. President Tang also urged students to do more physical exercise and expand their circle of friends.


Students actively interacted with President Tang Tao

Most of the students' representatives are attending the principal's luncheon for the first time, yet, everyone chatted in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere while enjoying the food. During the lunch, teachers and students exchanged views on-campus activities, studying abroad during the pandemic, summer courses, food hygiene and safety, etc.

Prof Chen Zhi introduced the Solidarity Emergency Fund of UIC Education Foundation to the students. This foundation was created to help UIC teachers, students and alumni affected by the pandemic, hoping that students who cannot afford tuition fees due to illness or other reasons will not be forced to give up their studies.


Prof Chen Zhi learning about students' studies and college lives

Sun Ruihan, a year-three Applied Economics student, praised the college for timely dealing with various problems, and she hoped that there would be more ways for students to know more about the solutions to the issues. President Tang Tao suggested that the student representatives attending the meeting shall increase exchanges with various departments of the college in the future, and convey messages to more students through student organisations so that every student can understand the relevant policies and measures of the college in time.


Prof Mao Yaqing communicating with students

Year-two Applied Economics student, Liu Zheng, recognised the form of holding luncheons. He mentioned that in the process of face-to-face communication, the college senior management were very friendly, and they listened carefully to the students' ideas and opinions, as well as responding to questions and demands. He believes UIC's college work will be done better and hopes that more students from different backgrounds could attend the luncheon and communicate with the UIC's President directly in the future so that every UIC student's voice can be heard.


Prof Stella Cho answering students' questions

Also attending were Chief Student Affairs Officer Prof Johnston Wong and Director of Estates and Campus Development Office, Mr Lawrence Yeung.


 Participants of the luncheon


Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Xia Meng
Photographer: Zhang Yichi