Q1. Unable to connect to campus wireless network?
Q2. How to view my account balance and transaction history?
Q1. Unable to connect to Campus Wireless Network?
  • Make sure your wireless network card is enabled and the SSID "Wi-Fi@UIC" is listed in "Available Wireless Networks". (in Computing Centre F204, SSID is Free WiFi@UIC)
  • Ensure the internet browser is not using a proxy or a dial-up feature.
  • From Oct 2011, user is allowed to change wireless device to connect to UIC Wi-Fi. However, one account can be simultaneously used in no more than two devices.
  • Please make sure your wireless account does not contain zero value otherwise the network access will be forbidden. This rule also applies to free wireless access in F204(SSID:Free WiFi@UIC) and LRC.

Q2 How to view my account balance and transaction history?

2.1. Login Online Self-service System http://wifi.uic.edu.cn:8800/. (Please note that this link only accessible via campus network.i.e. open this link using a computer in F204, 3-202 in NCV, Computing labs  or LRC computer hub)


2.2. On the page, you may see your account status and balance as below.

wifi balance 2016

2.3. Click Logs on the right menu, and check your Logs for Login, balance etc..

wifi login logs2016