Kahoot Logo
A fast-paced, online quiz game that can be used in class to increase engagement.  Multiple question types can be created and students can play individually or in teams.  Quizzes can be saved for editing and re-use.



Sli.do Logo
A back-channel chat platform accessed via QR code.  Sli.do allows for Q&A and polling during live events.  



Mentimeter Logo
A graphic-rich back-channel chat platform accessed via QR code.


Poll Everywhere is a website that allows a presenter to digitally communicate with their audiences in a live capacity. This can be either through surveying, posting images, having an anonymous 'questions and answers' poll and even constructing a word cloud to determine the importance of a particular topic.



Surveyplanet is a useful surveying website that is designed to help those in need of answers to questions they would like answered.


TInyURL is a very useful website that can shrink particualrly long URLs (web addresses) that take up several lines or even paragraphs in an email for example and minimises them to roughly 10-20 characters long.



QR Code Generator can transform any weblink into a unique and resusable QR Code. This is especially useful in conjuction with those displayed above (Surveyplanet/Poll Everyhwere) which will allow a user to distribute their survey or poll via a QR Code to almost anyone for potential use on applications like WeChat.