Turnitin is an online service which can check students‟ work for potential plagiarism by text matching against the world's largest comparison database. The database includes internet pages, journals, periodicals etc. and student essays previously submitted. It produces an originality report which indicates the percentage of text matched.

Turnitin is integrated into iSpace. Turnitin assignments can be set up in any courses in iSpace. Teacher can upload students' work for checking. Students can use Turnitin at any time to check their own work.

Add a Turnitin Assignment in iSpace

  1. Login to iSpace and select the course which wants to add a turnitin assignment. https://ispace.uic.edu.hk/
  2. Click “Turn editing on” at the top right of the main course page.
           turnitin 1
      3. Click “Add an activity or resource” in the course section where you want the label to be added.
          turnitin 2
      4.Select “Turnitin Assignment 2” in the pop-up window under 'Activities', and then click the “Add” button
     5.check the similarity.     
      copy rate1
    6.Trunitin User Guide